Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work, Work, Work

After the past few days, it was time to play catch up at work. Loads to be done, especially for the Columbarium Management meeting next week, not to mention the monthly Board Meeting! Sigh! I *hate* meetings!!!

Today there were checks waiting to be signed. Research had to be done for the columbarium job descriptions. This was the tedious part since it was sooooo hard to find something specific to columbarium on the internet! I ended up with funeral homes type of descriptions. They'd provide me a good start before I'd pattern the whole job description for the company. Elma was also hovering, clutching the folder of promotional products we had for the 2nd visit of the Relics of St Therese a couple of months back; she couldn't wait to show me how much we had made, how much was contributed to help defray the freight costs of the Relics.

We had dinner at La Vista again. The results of the chest x-rays were submitted to Bang. Sadly, we have a few cases of tuberculosis. However, because of the exposure we've had with the kids before to the primary complex, we knew that it wasn't the end of the world, that it was more than curable. People just needed to be patient with taking the medicines religiously, daily and without fail for the next 6 months for the medicines to take effect. Out of 70 employees, including household staff, there were 5 cases of TB.

Being HR head as well, it fell on me to break the news to the employees who had them. That's going to be tomorrow. No, we're not going to fire them just because they have TB! We just need to educate them on taking the medicines so that they *will* get well.

Now, it's time to finish off Season 1 of Las Vegas! :)

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