Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the Shrine

Lai and I went to the Shrine today to W.O.R.K. Yup. We actually worked! :) We did have a bit of a break when Mom arrived with Lola and Aureo Alonzo in tow. He measured us for the 40th anniversary celebration and chatted a bit...for 2 hours I think! Sigh! And we could have been making major headway into our work, hehehehe.

Anyway, it was a good break, nevertheless, as Lai and I were quite productive afterwards. We did leave before everyone left, however, since there was no way we wanted to be stuck in traffic!

And what did I do at home? I dove into my CT folder and scrapped like a maniac, hahahaha!

4th MONTH-RAEGAN (Right)
Before I forget, a shout of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tita Tinggoy today!

And with that, it's off to bed for me!

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