Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a Sunday

Slept in a little bit and got up at around 730 am....which is no small feat if you fell asleep at 330 am! Sigh! Oh well. That's age's doing, I guess, throwing my schedule all a-kilter.

We all got up, showered, dressed and met the rest of the clan over at Yedang's, another fave restaurant of the family's. Going Korean again...I guess Rondic didn't have his fill of Korean food when he was in Seoul last week! :) After a verrrry satisfying meal of grilled meats and other traditional Korean fare, we went home for a nap.

All the napping after meals isn't very healthy, I know...but my excuse was that I've been sleep deprived ever since the doctor put me on Duramine! An average night's sleep for me is 4-6 hours; I'm lucky if I get close to that all the time. Then I wake up with a start, sometimes drenched in sweat with the bedding wrapped around me. Weird, I know, but hey, it's all in the name of trying to lose weight eh? *wink*

Anyway, right before going off to Ayala, I was able to do some pages for some of my neglected CT (sorry!!!)


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