Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Scrapped!!!

Yup, I actually sat down and started the 4th month of The Sisterhood Challenge! I found photos of Raegan and Rogan no prob. Now I'm stumped, because I seem to be missing a few CDs of Raine's pictures that were converted to digital from negatives! Aaaaargh!!! NOT good! And I know Ranger's pics are in the room. Somewhere, hehehe.


Wasn't he a cutie with all that curly hair? hehehe. I loved how this spread turned out!

I was on a roll but had to stop: we needed to pack for this weekend's company team building/outing at Caliraya. My family and Dic's family are going to be the "advance party" so that we can have time and fun with the kids. I'm trying to pack as minimally as possible....because we don't have a lot of trunk space! Hehehehe. Thank goodness Lai has the van---some of us are definitely going to have to ride with them on the 2-hour trip.


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Zharmagne said...

OMG! Rogan's so cute. Too bad I didn't get to meet him when he was that small and cuddly. No wonder, when I asked Rod who is his favorite among the kiddos he said ROGAN because he's so kakagigil.