Monday, April 14, 2008

Team Building Day

***Warning: Photo heavy post coming up!***

OMGoodness, what a day!! Every inch of my body hurts!!! Aaargh! Yes, I knew today was going to be physical but holy moly! Team building activities included:

1. team chant - this is the worse and corniest part, hehehe. I maintain that the RED team had a waaaay better chant than the yellow team----even the kids said so! Hmp! Obviously, the point was awarded to the yellow team and I belong to the red team, hehehe.

2. obstacle course #1 - a series of exercises that the team had to go through in order to advance. This set of exercises gave new meaning to the word team:
a. the Tire - everyone had to go through the tire without touching the tire, including the last person. My fave fave FAVE photo of this event? Here ya go....breathe, and then laugh your heart out:

Hahahahaha! Can you ENVISION a scrap page from that?!?!? I surely can!!!

b. the Log - 12 members of the team had to stay on this log that was held by cable at the ends only. The key thing? We had to balance:

If you come across this "game" in the future, just remember that do NOT do it that way in the photo. You're NEVER going to get balanced that way!

c. the Parallel "Bars". This was muuuuch harder than it looked. When I got on the cables, my whole body started shaking no matter who my partner was! It was horrendous! I thought I was never going to make it across!

d. the Tires. This was just horrible. For all my strength (not to mention my weight, hahahaha!) I could NOT get across the swinging tires!!! Aargh! Bang and Lai did it no prob, but I couldn't finish it! I did get through to the second to the last one, but then my body went parallel to the ground and that was it. I couldn't pull myself up anymore, hehehe.

Everything was timed, with the red team going first. By the second exercise, the Log, we knew we had won since the yellow team could NOT balance at all! They used up all their time on the Log, which was too bad really, since they demolished our time on the Tire!

3. obstacle course #2 - This was your typical obstacle course. And it was a riot! Each member ran through 3 pairs of tires, crawled under a net, jumped over several pvc-type hurdles and ran all the way back to pass the baton to the next member. One of my fave pics of this event? Here ya go:

The red team handily won this event. The yellow team still had a person left when we finished.

4. monster ball - This was volleyball with a humongo monstrous ball, hence the name of the game. The yellow team won this one, too, dang it!

5. mud slide - Team members slid down this 50-meter tarp doused with soap and water. At the end of the slide was a big pile of mud. Members held a plastic cup of water in one hand and at the end of the slide, needed to pour the remaining water (if there was any!) into a container to be measured. The team with the higher level of water won.

The yellow team beat us by a millimeter!!! :)

All in all, it was a heck of a FUN day that's for sure!

Everyone had a few hours of free time before dinner. Most of us headed to the pool to cool off!

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