Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Centimeters Off!

Yes, yes, YES!!! I went to my weight-loss doctor (Dr Mitch) today and she measured and weighed me. I lost 4 cm from my waist, 2 cm off from my thighs, and a cm or so from my arms and hips!!! Whooohooohooo!!!! Yes, in centimeters, which, in inches, isn't all that big a deal, but hey, celebrate with me here, ok? Hehehehe.

Aside from the initial 5 pounds I lost from her detox diet to start everything off, I've lost another 5 puonds from our Paris trip --- mainly because of Reductil from Dr Villa and Dr Mitch's first Leptin shot!!! How cool and exciting is that!!! I couldn't believe the measuring tape!!!

By this time, you guys all know that I don't care all that much about weight, but hey, 8 pounds in a month is WOWOWOWOWOW to me!!!! Cause for celebration, wouldn't you think?!?!? And the centimeters off? Beautiful gravy and music to my ears!!!

I just googled Leptin and found that the hormone Leptin, taken from the Greek word Leptos, meaning THIN (!!!), has important effects in regulating body weight, metabolism and reproductive function. Not that I need that last effect, hehehehe. Just the first 2 is great, thank you very much! Leptin is supposed to help me increase my metabolism, and with Reductil helping to suppress my appetite, I've lost the weight and the inches (or centimeters, in this case, hehehe).

Of course, I had to have my thyroid stuff checked, and believe it or not, my thyroid is NORMAL!!! After years and years of taking Eltroxin, I thought I was supposed to be taking that for the rest of my life! But hey, somehow everything has balanced and has allowed my doctor to prescribe me all these things. So yayayayayayay!!!!


It looks like Dad is going to be discharged sometime tomorrow! Yeah! We finally got the official results of his chest and abdominal CT scans and they pretty much say that there's nothing there, maybe some calcified TB or something. So with medication, Dad should be on the way to recovery!

His body did lose a lot in terms of what he had gained from all the PT and the OT he has been doing, but we are all SO thankful that he is okay physically!

Before I say good night, wanted to wish Roselle a very Happy Birthday!!!


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