Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rain in Spain....

Isn't that the way the song goes in My Fair Lady?

Although Mom and I only had time to go to Paris and Lisieux in our latest foray into Europe, maybe Rod and Zhar may be interested in some Cheap Spain Hotels when you guys go for your honeymoon? Last time I went to Spain was in 1990 with the Arceos, and two years before that, with Mom, Dad, Boydee, Lola Nene and Lola Alud.

Why do we like Spain? I guess mainly the FOOD, hehehe. In general, it's like Filipino food, I guess. Considering that we've been under Spain for more than 300 years, there's definitely some influence there! Not that I like Filipino food.....but I must admit, I LOOOOVE Spanish paella, especially the green kind! I'm not sure where we ate that green paella dish, but it was just pure gastronomic delight!

The bullfight is always a must-see. When we went in 1988, a relative of ours brought us to an amateur bullfight. She said if we wanted to see how it was really done, see the amateur matadors. Why? Because they take more risks when in the ring...so that they would be noticed. And true enough, the 3 bullfights that we witnessed that day was just that: full of excitement, sit-on-the-edge of your seat moments.

I can't remember much about what else we saw while in Madrid, but the food was plentiful, that's for sure. Cheap Madrid Hotels are to be found, if you know where to look. In the "olden" days (i.e., days before the internet and online booking), we went to the central train station to book for our great hotel find of our stay.

In Barcelona, there's the Picasso Museum that should interest you, Rod :) You and Randy are the only art afficionados in the family. Me? I read up on the subject if we're going to be seeing it, hehehe. There's also the Museum of the Sacred Family (Sagrada Familia). Not sure if we went there, but it looked interesting. Cheap Hotels in Barcelona are available, especially if you're going in the non-summer months.

Like I said, Spain to me will forever be equated with bullfights and matadors, paella, cheap leather shoes (!!!) ......and I remember Dad took down a poster about some rowing regatta from a bulleting board and gave it to me, hehehehe.

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