Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Homeward Bound

When I woke up, my whole body hurt like heck!!! It was very difficult to stand up. I needed an extremely HOT shower to help circulate the blood! :)

We decided not to go on the lake tour, although Boydee and Bang stayed with the rest of the employees to go on it, along with Raine. The rest of us trouped onto the banca and ferried across the lake to where the cars were. Thank goodness Rondic followed with an extra vehicle; we put most of the bags in the pick up truck's bed!

Dic decided to go through the "scenic" and much shorter route. To our horror, it was zig-zaggy for a major part of the way!!! I tried to sleep it off, trying to close my eyes to the fruit stands, the sari-sari stores, the beat up furniture stores, the nice and not-so-nice restaurants, and the mountainside as everything seemed to go in fast forward mode. Ugh. Definitely not a great ride.

Just as we were coming to the end of the zig-zaggedy part, I heard Raegan cough. And I started scrambling for a plastic bag. It was BARF time! Sigh! And she upped her entire breakfast, spilling some on the van floor. Gross! We stopped on the side of the road so that she could get wiped up and changed. While that was happening, Rielle "communed" with nature for the first time I think. The yaya wouldn't give her one of Robyn's diapers so I suggested she make use of nature, hehehe. Soon, Lolo Doc and Riley followed suit! Lai has that pic and I haven't gotten a-hold of her photos yet, so that's going to be one for the scrapbooks for sure! :)

We went straight to La Vista for lunch where Dad was in a pretty good mood. We said hellos and related all that had happened at Caliraya before we played the "I'm tired" trump, pleading exhaustion.

Rogan had a sleepover with Nathan and Kiel arriving in the late afternoon. They holed themselves up in the boys' room playing the PS2, DS and the Wii. Typical boys, eh?

I took the girls out for an all-girl date. To Kenny Rogers, hehehe. One taste of the mac and cheese side dish and both of them went, "Mmmmmmm!" After a taste of the roasted chicken, they both pronounced that they had a new favorite restaurant! Hahahahaha! Kids. So easy to please, huh? :)

I scrapped, too!
Ok, off to bed!

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