Monday, April 21, 2008

After 2 Months....

...we had our board meeting. Hehehe. We try to have it once a month, but with everything happening the past couple of months, we somehow forgot to remind everyone of the schedule! Let's see, we had Valentine's Day, Mom's birthday, Dad being rushed to the ER, Lolo's birthday, Raegan's birthday....and swimming and summer! Oh, there's also office and the company outing and team building! Sheesh!

The meeting went well, though. We even had Randy present his reports via iChat, hehehehe. And I guess he's homesick and wants to hear our voices, huh Ran? *wink* Poor Stella was throwing up after she gave her report; I guess she forgot to take some med that prevents her from throwing up after smelling strong odors. We told Randy to go take a shower, hehehehe.

While at the meeting, I had my external hard drive on and I used Time Machine to back up ALL my laptop files, including system files. As an extra precaution, I also backed up my precious Scrapbooking files :) But of course I couldn't leave them out!!! Hehehe. I was able to finish 8-10 DVDs worth of scrapping files. So yes, it was a productive meeting for me! ;)

Afterwards, we waited for the sun to start setting before I joined Mom, Bang, Boydee and Bric for their almost daily afternoon walks around the village. Dic and Lai followed after a few minutes; they jogged until they caught up to us. Bric and Robyn were in the double stroller and were entertained by my singing of "Mr Sun" hehehehe. The streets were practically empty; the older kids would have loved to join us in their skate shoes, but they were at swimming. Oh well. Maybe next time. We walked for 45 minutes I think. Not gross, running sweat, but I did perspire a little bit from our walk. It was super duper hot outside, despite it being 5 pm!!!

I did get to finish my scrap from yesterday, though!



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