Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday, Raegan!!!

My oldest baby is TEN YEARS OLD today!!! Where did the time go?!?!?!?

I wanted to take her to Hong Kong, just her and me, to celebrate this milestone...unfortunately, I had decided too late that I wanted to do that, so I was presented with extremely expensive airfares!!! Um, which means we're going to delay this trip by a few weeks, thank you very much! Hehehehe.

We started off Raegan's day with a 630 am mass at Pentecost. Raine came with us (I think she came mainly because she knew that the possibility of eating out for breakfast after mass was VERY high, hehehe). After mass, I dragged Raegan over to Fr John and asked him to give her a birthday blessing. He willingly and smilingly obliged. One of the parishioners who had been talking to Fr John right before I asked him for a blessing, sang the Birthday Song while Raegan was getting her birthday blessing.

Starbucks was our next stop, for a light breakfast. They had something new on the menu today --- mozarella, tomato and basil on a multi-grain bagel---and it was yummmmyyyy!!!! The girls had hot cocoa and a chocolate shake with some waffles. When we got home, we found the table set with piping hot schublig cheese sausages, noodles, eggs and pancit canton.

I had brought over a square piece of Conti's cake from La Vista and stuck ten wavy candles on it for Raegan's birthday cake.

***picture to be inserted***

We rested a bit whilst waiting for lunchtime......where we all gathered at the Coral Garden, this chinese restuarant (ugh!) in Libis. Lots of food, but the all-time favorite really, were the salted fish fried rice and the crab foo young. Always a hit!

Finally, stuffed and totally FULL, we all went home. We passed by National Bookstore to get the kids some word puzzle books, and I found some great GSS books for painting, drawing and other crafts. Reminder for me: I need to write down some sort of program for them this summer just so it won't all be swimming, kumon and video games!

Lola Nene very nicely and generously (!) told Raegan that she was going to buy pizzas for dinner (originally for merienda, but the kids talked her into doing it for dinner since they had swimming training at 4 pm). When we got to La Vista, there were 6 huge pizzas from Pizza Hut on the table, along with a large and medium sized pizzas from Yellow Cab (purportedly for the more discerning adults, hehehe). Rejy even cooked up some nutella crepes (with and without peaches) to complete our meal. What a feast, man!!!

A CALORIC feast, to say the least! All these parties and other excuse to eat kinds of gathering are soooo NOT good for my "diet". Makes me want to think of trying out anoretix, along with leptin and other meds the doctors have prescribed for me! Hehehe. Anything and everything to help suppress the appetite you know! Hehehe. Yes, I'm that desperate already!!! It's April and there's only 3 and 4 months to go for the weddings in the family!!!!! Aaaaargh!!!!

I'll be back to upload a few pics of Raegan on her birthday :)


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