Thursday, April 17, 2008

Productive Day!!!

Ahhhh. Don't you love it when, at the end of the day, you just KNOW that you got a ton of work done??? :) That was today and it felt GOOD!!!

Just work stuff, so no need to bore everyone with those details. But days like these are fulfilling, that's for sure! Hehehe.

Lai brought me home. Reese and Robyn picked us up at work. I persuaded Lai to get down and have some dinner before they all went home. It was spaghetti, so of course Lai couldn't refuse that! hehehe. Then I brought out the 6-layer dip and the tortilla chips. Lai looked at Reese and told her that they were going to spend just a few more minutes so she could enjoy the chips and dip. After a few minutes of watching her mother and me eat with gusto, Reese asked if she could taste it.

And she LOVED it! Hehehe. Even when Raegan said that Reese was going to be in a farting mood tonight, Reese didn't care, saying that it was GOOD! Now THAT is enjoying your food, hehehe.

I tried to scrap tonight, but nothing was entering my mind. Maybe the past few days' of having only a few hours of sleep is finally catching up on me. That, and no mojo whatsoever in me. So it's time I turn off my laptop to see what's on TV :)


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