Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meeting, Meeting, Meeting!

Say that title the way Jan says "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" in Brady Bunch and you've got the tone I want to convey. Boydee, Bang, Japa, Lai and I trooped into the Board Room to have our weekly (as it turns out) meeting about the columbarium. Although Boydee forgot to print out an agenda (que horor! hehehe), we *still* met for at least 4 hours....right through lunch, I may add!

And after that meeting, my To Do List contains a gazillion different things!!! Aaaargh!!! I really HATE meetings!!! Can't we do this all through email??? Hehehehe.


Oh well. I did stay in the office 'til late afternoon...talking to people. I swear, sometimes I should be awarded an honorary degree in counseling, bwahahahaha! That's what I've been doing this whole week I think. I don't know if my sanity can take this though. We need an honest to goodness Human Resources person to take over this department!!! Grrr!

Went home, TRIED to scrap, but my mind was too tired from today, I guess. All I could do on the computer was brainlessly play with Snood. After a few minutes of that, and blogging, and I'm ready to turn in.

Japa has been online ceaselessly it seems....he's doing this Brain Game thingy on Facebook and he's become addicted to it! Gone are the nights of watching TV shows on the internet. Even playing Mac Poker has taken backstage! Hard to believe, I know, despite the camaraderie he's gotten playing Fulltilt Poker with the Poker Stars!!! Great graphics or some online poker and easy to use...and believe me, he's spent HOURS on end playing this game online, it's not even funny! *roll eyes here*

Yes, I don't like poker, but there must be something in the colorful graphics and real-life looking poker table that gives Japa and his friends the thrill of "seeing" and "meeting" each other online! BOYS!!!

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