Thursday, April 03, 2008

Surprise Party

We had a meeting at the office today, so it was up to Rondic to help Mom in all the checking out procedures at the hospital. But the BEST thing happening today is that Dad gets to go home!!! Yes, yes and YES!!!

One of his docs just said for the kids to not get too close or stay too close to dad for long periods of time for the first week or so. I guess it's because of the meds he's going to be taking for his tuberculosis. Although he wasn't officially diagnosed with TB, the doctor is giving him some meds to be on the safe side. He's also overcoming some pneumonia and an infection in the kidney, so maybe the meds will help in these too? Not sure. But he's going to get better! So we are all ecstatic and relieved.

Peach, if you're reading this, Mom says THANK YOU for the prayers you've said for Dad. Lai told her that you read about it on my blog and that you were praying that he gets better soon. So from all of us, thank you for remembering to include Dad in your prayers. Prayers such as yours have helped immensely in helping Dad get through all such obstacles in his life. I know he questions God sometimes why all these are happening to him, but in general, I think he's accepting of his fate, and whatever God hands to him. He just can't help but be scared a lot of times, and that's what throws him off a bit. But his faith is there, and we're all glad that it's been an anchor for him.


Boydee & Bang, Dic & Lai, Rod & Zhar and Japa & I all trooped to the far-off South for a surprise 40th birthday party Cathy was throwing for Jerome. Although we were probably who lived the farthest, we were the first ones there, hehehehe. Typical I guess :) We do like to be on time, you know!

It was a huge success and Jerome couldn't believe that Cathy had pulled it off! He looked very happy and kept saying how Cathy had pulled one over him! The signs were all there, but for some reason, he wasn't able to put 2 and 2 together to come up with 4! So Cathy, great job you did, especially that video!

Four hours later, tired, sleepy and VERY FULL, we left the South to go home.


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