Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sub 200!!!

Alright!!! Hehehe. For the first time in a super duper looooong time, I am under 200 lbs!!! Shhhh!!!! :) Yes, very heavy, still. But I'm hoping to lose more weight in the next few months. I have to: with 2 weddings I can't be fat and dumpy, can I? :)

Why do you think there's been a sudden rush to detox? To exercise? To diet? Ok, not so much diet since I HATE having to curb my appetite (hehehe) but I've got some of the best diet pills working for me. So yes, it's curbed my appetite, and has most likely increased my metabolism since I've been sweating up a storm, even when in an air conditioned room! :)

The best thing is, I don't feel irritated or have my heart thumping a million miles per minute. With the addition of fiber to my diet, I've been feeling a lot lighter than usual. And even though my weight isn't moving all that much, I know the inches are coming off, so I *know* that everything I'm doing is working!!! Whooohooo!

It's been a horrendous day at the office today. Scandal, gossip, rumors. Ugh. I had to help sort out a mess between 3 people in the office which normally I wouldn't touch since it was their relationship, but because something happened within office premises, then of COURSE I involved myself! Sigh!

So after 2 hours of "counseling" (that's what it basically was), everything seemed hunky dory once again. I hope. I mean, I don't think anything criminal went on, just a whole lot of confusion. The most that's going to come out of this is an administrative sanction or warning from me.

Anyhoo, I was able to scrap something real quick this morning, while waiting for coding time to arrive:
Now, I'm at the office, again waiting for Japa to get done with his meeting so we can go home! I'm tired and sleepy! Hmmmm......maybe I should scrap now. It's past office hours anyway, hehehe!

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