Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ordinary Sunday and a Cake Meeting

We did the usual things. Mass at 1030 at Padre Pio--okay, this is a bit of a change since we've been going to mass at Pentecost on Saturday evenings. But the heat this summer being the way it is (incredibly hot hot HOT), we *NEEDED* the airconditioning of the small chapel to be a little bit more comfortable during mass.

After mass, we went straight to Ayala since I had planned to go with Zhar, Lai and Bang to meet the cake maker for the anniversary of Mom and Dad and the wedding of Zhar and Rod. By the time we had to leave Ayala, I wasn't in a very meeting-y mood. Blame it on the heat; I just wanted to lie down on my bed with the AC on full blast, it was that HOT! Ugh!

But Lai and Bang picked me up and off we went to Makati, that drasted far-off place! Hehehee. IN actuality, a mere 20 minute-ride on this blissfully traffic-free Sunday! At least! We met with Michelle Hechanova, a SAHM who first experimented and taught herself how to make fondant cakes a few years ago when her son turned one. The rest is history :). She makes these incredibly amazing cakes that are so beautiful, it's hard to believe they're edible! Gorgeous gorgeous cakes!!!

Between the 4 of us, we had somehow managed to impart to Michelle what Mom was like and how she expected her anniversary cake to be. Hehehe. I hope! Michelle said she was going to get back to us within a week for a sample drawing of what she envisioned Mom and Dad's cake to be.

Crossing my fingers that the design would be as close to perfect as we can make it, so that we wouldn't have to keep going back and forth with comments and suggestions etc. We need this to be done and over with so we can cross it out from our list of countless things to do before the big day!!!

Now, not only are the cakes yummy looking, they are reported to be really delish when you get down to eating them after staring at their beauty for hours on end. They are, after all, not only for display. They MUST be eaten because we surely don't want to be taking home 5-6 tiers of humongous cakes for us to eat for a whole month!!! And yes, with yummy flavors and all sorts of filling in between cakes, of COURSE they contain a TON of calories!!! Aaaargh! I need me some hoodia to be able to curb my appetite for these kinds of desserts!!! Ack! The appetite MUST be controlled and suppressed if there's any hope for losing weight! Of course, by this time, we all *SHOULD HAVE* lost the weight we wanted to lose to look good in our gowns......yeah, right. Hehehehe.

We then met up with Rodney and Rondic at Cuiller to have a taste of one of the possible caterers for the event. French cuisine. Very good and tasty, especially the flourless chocolate cake!!! :) Yes, dessert, I know. Between all of us we had French Onion Soup, some sandwich, some salad, tenderloin steak, prime rib, duck contif, sea bass. Everything was good, except for the sea bass which I really didn't like. I'm not a big fan of bass and this one didn't change my mind for liking it either. It was oily and seafood-y and had my hair stand on end when I tried it. Barring that though, everything else was yummy!


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