Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Time to Scrap but Learned a Great Story for Scrapping

Well, I actually started a page, but that was it. It never got finished, hehehe. It was a pretty busy day.....we had lunch at Yedang, a Korean restaurant where our family is fast becoming regulars! And it's authentic, since most of the people who go there are Koreans!!! Yes, that's how you can tell if the food is "just like home"---look at the people who go there. If lots of Chinese people frequent a Chinese restaurant, you know they serve good chinese food. Same goes for Korean and Japanese :)

Ruckus in the restaurant though....Ranger was acting up because he wanted to use his older siblings' Nintendo DS Lite. None of the older kids were paying much attention to him, which made Ranger's cries much louder. And more irritating. And Japa had had enough. He told everyone in his quietly deadly voice to keep all the DS units or else. I guess that works more effectively than my screams since the kids quickly stowed their DSs. *roll eyes* Hehehe. Anyway, we had a relatively peaceful meal....all 20 of us scattered between 4 tables. :)

We went home afterwards and I did try to scrap, but I guess I was too full and too tired from this morning's jog that I ended up just laying in bed, doing nothing. Played Snood and that was it. Oh well. Japa went to the firing range with Doods and we waited for them to arrive so we could all go together to Ate Becca's house for dinner.

We were celebrating a double graduation (Jopie and a cousin) and Ogie's 50th (!!!) birthday. Since we couldn't fit in just one vehicle, we had Romy take the Everest to Apitong to pick up the kids while we crammed ourselves in the pick up to go to dinner. I swear, sometimes I think we have to buy a bus just so we could all fit in one vehicle and go places *together*!!! Think of the gas we'd save, too, by just using the ONE car/bus!!!

Dinner was great, and we spent a couple of hours reminiscing with Doods and Mom and their kids. Ate Becca brought out her album and we went through the photos. We got great stories too, especially about Doods and Mom! Turns out that even though they were neighbors in their barrio, they never knew each other. They finally met when Mom was visiting another neighbor in a hospital in Manila where Doods was an intern (I think). Mom was dared to start a conversation with some doctor (who wasn't all that great looking she said), and she replied something along the lines of "no thank you, I think Romy looks better anyway". Hehehe. Mom didn't deny it, so I'm assuming it's true :) And the rest, they say, is history! Hehehehe. Chalk one up for the scrapbooks. Soon. :)

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