Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just at the Office

Boring day today. Just stayed in the office researching and doing my to-dos for the Columbarium meeting later in the week. Job descriptions, plantilla, etc. Just semi-tedious stuff, although admittedly, it isn't easy looking for and writing job descriptions for the death industry!

I have been trying to book a Hong Kong trip for Raegan and myself, in time for her birthday on the 10th, but to no avail! Letlet was able to find a couple of seats, but it was just TOO expensive for a short little trip just to have some mother-daughter time for a birthday. Sigh! Maybe towards the end of the month, the flights wouldn't be so full! This will teach me to leave things at the very last minute!!! Grrrr! Totally aggravating! Oh well. Lesson learned.


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