Monday, April 28, 2008


Education is VERY EXPENSIVE nowadays. My checkbook is sooo light, it's almost to ZERO!!! Seriously! *roll eyes here* And with 4 kids in school, it's no wonder! The price of progress, I guess *shrug*. Oh well.

I spent a good part of the morning fillin up the damn form....FOUR times, one for each kid!!! You would think the school would HAVE the kids' information since they are returning students!!! Aaaargh! By the time I had signed off on the last paper, my wrist was hurting from all the writing. Let me tell you, my handwriting got progressively worse with each set I had to fill up!

Then it was time to write the checks. Yes, as in plural. I couldn't afford to pay everything up front this year (when did I ever? hehehe) and this fine institution *still* hadn't arranged to accept payments via credit card!!! So PDCs it was...and that was another FOUR checks I had to write!

By the time I left school a couple of hours later, I was tired. And drained. Both me and my checkbook, hehehehe. And the heat was just unbearable today!

With the electric fan blowing directly into my face, and enjoying the peace and quiet in the house with the kids at swimming, I scrapped:



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