Friday, April 11, 2008

A Day at the Office

Definitely no trip to Hong Kong for Raegan and myself......everything is just TOO expensive! Dang airlines are taking advantage of the summer months, that's for sure! Grrrrr!

Spent the morning at the office, having a meeting about the Columbarium. The meeting wasn't *to0* bad, despite Boydee being there, hehehehe. It took us a little after lunch to finish, and it was quite productive. Setting up a new company is definitely not easy work! Sigh! And what does little ole moi have to do? Job descriptions up the kazoo! Sigh! Tedious stuff. Human Resources stuff. Employees, policies, and benefits. Health benefits, including screening for tuberculosis and other illnesses (disease is such a strong word, don't you think?) like cancer, diabetes, mesothelioma, allergies, etc. It's going to be a loooooong road ahead that's for sure!

Thank God it's a Friday, though.....our car's coding so Japa and I decided to leave the office before 3 pm. It gave me time to watch a few episodes of this:

I am LOVING this show!!!

I scrapped too:


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