Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Actually Went Out for a RUN!!!

Alright!!!! Yes, I did get up bright and early (not to mention hot hot HOT!) this morning for a run. Ok, a jog. Ok, even slower than a jog, hehehe. NO, not a walk either.

The girls and I trooped to the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center to have our run in the SHADE. I didn't mind shelling out P30 for each of us; just as long as we didn't have to run out in the scorching sun, it was fine. And the best part? We had the indoor 200-meter track all to ourselves! There was some basketball team playing down, but the trace was empty except for the 3 of us.

And all I can say is: Thank goodness for iPods!!! It totally made me forget the time and helped me run faster, depending on what was playing. Good thing Japa had loaded some 80's music for me, so I ran to that. I ended up doing a total of 1.5 miles run and 1.0 mile walk. It took me 45 minutes. Not bad. I'm hoping to do this somewhat regularly just so I can up the mileage a bit.....I just hope my back will hold out though.

But that's a major reason why I prefer running on a track though. I feel safer that my back and knees won't be crushed from my weight because I'm running on a softer, more padded surface on an oval compared to out on the cemented street. And yes, the SHADE is also an all-important factor! Now, next in line is to convince the girls to keep going with me in the morning. I'm sure they'll say yes.....just as long as their Papa doesn't come along to torture them with his sprinting programs! hehehehe.

I had to call La Vista to borrow a car...Japa had gone off early to row and the pick up was being used for marketing. Good thing there was a driver who could bring the car over! After our run, we went straight to La Vista to return the car AND have some breakfast. Boy, did the girls chow on some kielbasa and rice! Whoa! :)

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