Sunday, April 06, 2008


Remember my talk about renovating the terrace a few posts ago? Well, I forgot to add lighting to the list! The terrace is so wide, we need 3 chandeliers at the very least, to get some decent light in the area. I'm thinking 3, since that's what Mom and Dad used to have out here. Three ceiling fans. But ceiling fans are a bit....umm.....retro? Hehehe. I never did like the look of the ceiling fans we had here.

So, I'm branching out a little bit and considering some forecast lighting for the outside, especially the walls or maybe on the posts of the terrace. I'm thinking I can use white lights with these, affording a cleaner, brighter lighting of the area. I don't like yellow light, never did. I've always liked white light better, and even if the bulbs are a little bit more expensive, they will save me more in the long run because they are more electricity-efficient than yellow lights.

Now if we end up not changing the brick posts in the terrace area, I like quoizel lighting options as well. More traditional looking, and more for fixture-type of lighting, I think they'd go quite well with the brick finish of the posts. Hmmmm......then maybe I'd have to consider colonial or other traditional type of decorating for the terrace? Could be fun. So many options to choose from, it's dizzying I tell you! Another major reason why I would rather *NOT* go into having to renovate yet again! Sigh!

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