Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Nothing exciting happened today. I went with Raegan and Ranger to La Vista since Dad was apparently looking for his grandchildren. Raine and Rogan stayed at home with Japa to help him entertain the children of his college friends who were coming over to swim while the dads played poker.

And that was it, hehehe. Told you it was not *that* exciting.

Conversation in the evening was pretty rousing though. We pretty much talked about the future of Philippine politics and where it was headed. One of Japa's close friends had the inside track on a "presidentiable" and we discussed pros and cons of supporting him. It was a very lively discussion, and funny too. I got to learn loads of stories about high profile businessmen, senators, congresspeople and other presidentiables. Yes, the elections aren't 'til 2010 but the posturing of several people in government are unbelievable at this early stage!

Nope, no names or really juicy gossip will be spilled here. One, it's not that kind of blog and two, I'm not even sure I'm going to get all the names right! Hehehe.

The boys played poker, the girls just chatted and flitted between supporting our guys at the poker table or exchanging (or just listening, in my case) to all the dirt being spilled, hehehe. The kids? Well, after tiring themselves out in the pool for practically the whole afternoon, they trooped inside sometime in the early evening to play the Wii. Great entertainer, that Wii is! Totally great investment, if I do say so myself!

Then I looked at the almost-sorry state of the patio/terrace. It sure needed some major fixing up, hehehe. I mean if Japa were left to himself, he'd be entertaining constantly and/or hosting poker games between friends here at home. And renovations have got to be made if we keep this up! Some friends smoke, so obviously, that automatically means that everything is done outside and away from the dining and living room areas. Which is where the airconditioner is! And with this intense summer heat, it can be very unbearable outside!!!

I want to be able to repaint (and re-plaster) the walls with their icky small pebbly surface. I want to be able to have some curtains or blinds to pretty up the huge brick columns. I want some nice furniture on display out here in the terrace area, including a poker table (of course!) that can be tranformed into a regular table when not being used. Fix up the bar area for sure. Have several cold fans installed (or maybe an AC or two? hehehe). Yup. Looking at this list, it's some major work for sure. Which means major bucks. Which means considering mortgage lenders to be able to do all these planned renovations! Sigh! More expense, really, but it's time we started looking to fixing the *outside* of the house instead of just the inside!

With company, I had time to scrap only one page:

And with this, I've completed layouts for all the kids for their participation in the aquathlon. And mine. Whooops! Still need to do a page for Japa! Hehehee. Next time.

Japa attended a high school reunion and I'm too sleepy to wait for him......


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