Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We're Going on a Bear Hunt....

Nah, not literally. Just the title of the book by Michael Rose and Helen Oxbury which Ranger's class is going to use for their Literacy Night mid-month. A few parents met at Pancake House to discuss options for decorating the Juniors classroom to make this book come to life. It was a nice way to spend a rainy morning on this holiday, talking to the other moms and just having a great, productive meeting :)

The quickest---and easiest--- way for us really is to have someone do it. And just pay them. Hehehe. But we need to use recycled materials and have some family involvement in the entire project, so we had a few things to discuss like what project to do (snowflakes, for the snowstorm), how much we were willing to spend, etc. It should be a fun project for the next week or so!


It's a holiday today, to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Another excuse to have a holiday eh? Hehehe. The kids are glad, of course, and so are we adults! Time for relaxing, starting reviews for the kids (exams are next week) and time for scrapping non-stop!

Mom called last minute to say that we were going to have a thanksgiving mass for Dad in La Vista, and to celebrate first Wednesday too. Yup, yet another excuse to eat, eat and eat! We were all glad for the chance to gather at La Vista for dinner, though, instead of some restaurant at the hospital!


Here are a couple of Disney pages that are going in the album:


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