Saturday, October 18, 2008

Endless Day

Holy Cow, what a day!


In the morning, waaaaaay early in the morning, the kids had a practice competition to gear them up for the races in Hong Kong in November. It was a friendly competition between Celebrity, Quezon City Sports, and Ayala Heights.

For the FIRST TIME ever in the kids' division, we actually WON a relay!!! Yeah!!!! As in FIRST place!!! Whoohoohooo!!! This was for the 4 x 100 freestyle. Franco, Rogan, Raegan and Reese participated and the yayas especially, were just ECSTATIC over their victory! That was the first race of the day, hehehehe.

And from that high, the kids did pretty well. Raegan came out first in everything she raced in. Reese was also in the higher places. Rogan didn't fare all that well, being the only 9 year old in a 9-10 age group. He did, however, beat someone at BREAST (!!!) which was quite a feat for someone who abhors the stroke, hahahahaha! Raine was always neck and neck with her perennial rival, Mary Rose. She never edged the thinner girl out, coming in second in almost all their races.

And towards the end, we had a couple more relays, which were exciting as the first. Raegan and Reese joined Franco and Rogan again for the 4 x 50. They were our powerhouse. Unfortunately, the other teams were a little bit deeper in that department and fielded fast swimmers. Raegan and Reese complained the heck out of their coach when they realized that he had intentionally pitted them to swim against BOYS. Hahahahaha! It was the funniest thing! I was yelling at them to stay as close as possible, that "they were ONLY boys!" Bwahahahaha.

And because they stayed so close to the boys (Reese even made up some ground), we came in at second place! Our next relay team consisted of Raine, Danelle, Sarah and Tinky. They coasted to an easy second win as well, getting beat by older swimmers. Not a bad day for swimming at all!


After the races, the kids rushed off to Kumon. Rogan wanted to badly to join Dic and Riley at the basketball clinic, he finished his seatwork in 7 minutes, I think! A RECORD for the boy! Hehehe. However, because of all the rushing and coordinating to have drivers bring him to Apitong on time, it totally slipped my mind that he had NOT eaten lunch at all! The poor boy, swimming, kumon then basketball in the span of a few hours! Luckily, when we had stopped over at Ayala, Rogan had smartly grabbed a tupperware of chicken nuggets, some Yam Yam snacks, and a tetra pack of chocolate milk. Otherwise, he probably would have fainted from hunger! :)

I asked Lai to take tons of pics of Rogan during training. Rogan came home tired but eager and excited about continuing his basketball. Whoa! For my artiste of a son, this was something major, truly big! I gave him a resounding "Sure!" and he bounded off happy. Japa, if you're reading this, you're paying for the clinic AND some basketball shoes as well! Bwahahahahaha! This IS *your* dream for your boy, yes? *wink wink!*


After a short nap, it was off to school for Ranger's Literacy Night. He looked just DARLING in his Woody costume!!!

It was a madhouse at school! Even if it was just preschool, multiply the kids by 2 (morning and afternoon session), then at least times 3 (parents PLUS yaya), throw in a few hundred or more for siblings or grandparents, plus it was soooo crowded! We were lucky to get out of there after 2 1/2 hours! Ranger was a happy camper with his little pumpkin basket filled to the BRIM with candy, candy and candy!!!


Speaking of candy, I took this test to see what kind of Halloween Candy I am:

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Japa arrived today, too, missing all of the action. *roll eyes* Bwahahahahaha!

And it's time to go to bed, my back is killing me and I am just TIRED!!!

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