Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bang!!!


I went to school for a PTC this morning. For Ranger. Well of course my baby is doing well in school, hehehehe. In fact, to my surprise, his teachers told me that Ranger is shy in school AND attentive! Whoa! I asked them, "is this MY child you're talking about?!?!" Bwahahahaha!

Apparently, Ranger can focus on his tasks for the day, proudly RAISING HIS HAND (with NO shouting!) to tell teachers that he was done! He also HELPS his classmates in their tasks when it is asked of him. And, get this, during seatwork, teacher explains ONCE to the class, and Ranger goes off and bam! Does everything on HIS OWN!!! Now WHY don't I see that at home?!?!? Hehehe.


Tita Nonie and Miggy flew in today to celebrate Bang's birthday today. Before they went to La Vista, though, they dropped by the hospital to visit Dad. Bang and I were already there, getting some visiting time in ourselves before we left for dinner at home. Cebu lechon, baby!

Dad was still a bit groggy, although he'd have longer periods of wakefulness. Then he'd be alert, smiling and talking. All in all, a good sign. The latest news we have from the doctor is that Dad had an imbalance in his electrolytes. Too much calcium. Oooookay. First I've heard of that, so I guess it's time to do some research :)

We finally went home to La Vista for dinner, when it looked like Dad had settled in for the night. Sort of. He's been asleep most of the day, according to Mom. We sat down to Lola's paella, lechon from Cebu and dessert, dessert, dessert. Mmmmmm!!!

TRYING to scrap, but my scrapping mojo has deserted me. Grrrr. I think I'm just going to play Snood :)

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