Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dad's Going Home!

Alright! Dad is scheduled to go home from the hospital today!!! Whoohooohooo!!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org It's been a long 2 weeks, but the important part is that he's well enough to come home! He'll have the PEG tube on him still, and that should be easy enough since we've all dealt with a PEG tube when he was in the States. He'll have to add yet another "exercise" for his occupational therapy, for speech and swallowing exercises. Or maybe it's yet another day tagged on for his therapy schedules.....I think Mom's planning for him to go to Medical City for his speech and swallowing therapy since they do have a specialized department there for that purpose.

Ok, just some catch-up scraps for today's post, more Sisterhood Challenge layouts, completing the lot for the 6th month:



Yes, time to try and get some early shut eye tonight! :)

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