Monday, October 13, 2008

Portfolio Night 3 of 3

And we have reached the conclusion of the Portfolio Nights tonight!!! Raegan is last on the list (my list, at least, hehehe) and boy, did we ZIP through their performance! Most of it was just talking, explaining 5 regions of the Philippines' 14 (?). The funniest were the 2 kids who spoke with a British accent, playing the roles of balikbayans. Hehehe. Too funny, and quite believable, actually!

We made sure to get good seats again tonight, coming in early. I refused to have some almost-blurry shots I had when we were seated at the back for Raine's Portfolio Night. And as usual, ever-faithful Reese and Rielle were there as well to watch their cousin....and chow down on pot luck afterwards! hehehe.

Raegan's class was the most musically inclined, with drums, flutes and violins filling the night. Raegan had one of the lead roles, the family of the British-Filipinos who came home to see sights. The whole performance was over in something like 20 minutes, a record, I think, hehehe.

Some of Raegan's projects:

A scary painting, hehehe...

A poster on Bicol (look familiar???) You think??? LOL.

And the best part: This is the story she wrote all her own (I didn't even check grammar or spelling!) and what her teacher pretty much made her improve on. He class USED Raegan's story as the basis for one of the major scenes in their program! How COOL is that!

As Teacher Joy was doing her spiel on the school's accreditation, Reese, Raegan and I spoke again of their going to high school in the about 4 years. They are so excited to be striking it out on "their own", i.e., no mama or papa nearby, hahahaha! I told Raegan that of course I would rather she go to a progressive school, to continue the education she's been getting...and that she should pray that we are able to earn enough for her to go to a school of choice! Otherwise, it's the local high school in Inspirada, right next to hotels las vegas galore! Hehehehe. But hey, at least Randy and Stella will be nearby! :)

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