Sunday, October 26, 2008

AAPS Competition

A couple of weeks ago, the kids' PE teacher sent me a note asking if the kids could represent the school in the AAPS races (Athletic Association of Private Schools). Well of course I said yes! Could I say no? :) Nah...not a chance. Both Japa and I want the kids to be able to develop competitive mindsets; we know it will make them better people as a whole.

Anyhoo, bright and early, we were off to the Amoranto Sports Complex. It wasn't that bad of a pool complex: there were bleachers (a little bit), and the pool was 50m and had 8 lanes. It wasn't the greatest of all venues, but it was okay. Apparently though, the lanes were narrower than usual and the water was "heavy", according to Coach Jana and Raegan. This meant that the pool lanes were the "fishball" kind as opposed to the spiral ones. So when waves from a swimmer's stroke would hit the lane, it would bounce right back onto the swimmer. Ooookay. They would know right?

Thank goodness Coach Jana was there! She was very supportive of the kids, taking them under her wing and telling them what to expect and what to do. She shared tips, too, on how to dive, how to make that crucial first stroke, etc etc etc. We learned a lot about her, not to mention the ever-present intrigues in the swimming world (usually brought into play by meddling parents, sad to say!).

There were only 5 kids from MI: 3 of them my kids, and Miguel (3-B) and Annika (Grade 6). At least the school was represented, right? Hehehe. Not too shabbily, I guess, since in the end, we did get SOME points in the boys' category from Miguel (mostly) and Rogan (surprisingly!). Hahahaha!

The kids' events and times, and how they did:

200m free - 3:10.34, 7th out of 14 (juuuust missed a ribbon!)
50m breast - 49.15, 8th out of 20
50m free - 36.94, 7th out of 24
100m breast - 1:46.25, 7th out of 16
200m free - 3:34.25, 8th out of 9 (he was the only 9 year old who did this though, beating out a 10 year old!)
400m free - 7:18.16, 4th out of 6 (he actually got a RIBBON for this!!! AND he chose this event rather than do the 50m breaststroke. Believe it or not!)
100m free - 1:38.66, 11th out of 11 (yup, dead last!)
200m IM - 4:17.43, 8th out of 9
50m free - 42.31, 10th out of 10 (sigh!)
200m free - 3:51.62, 10th out of 14 (did pretty well, considering this was the FIRST time she swam this long! hehehe)
50m back - 51.44, 14th out of 23 (she was the youngest, except for a 7-year old)
100m free - 1:52.04, 18th out of 22
50m free - 49.13, 20th out of 24
50m fly - 53.75, 13th out of 17

Okay times for them, I guess, although Jana did say she'll have them train for this particular event since times done here could qualify for the Palarong Pambansa! O di ba? Hehehe. The only thing I didn't like about this competition was that there were only 2 age groups: one for elementary (12 and under) and one for high school (13 and up). I mean really, how would the kids gauge themselves in their age group, right? But oh well, at least a goal would be to beat someone older right?

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