Thursday, October 16, 2008


Out of my mind. I'm at the office with nothing to do except sign checks and just BE here. I did interview a potential employee and that was it.

Opening up a few salary files in Excel.

Having my last one-on-one interview with an employee. James - who tried NOT to come back because he was hurt that the office didn't even send flowers to his mother-in-law's wake. This was during the whole Talulot Festival, so everyone was quite busy. I know, we STILL had to do it, but I guess it slipped the mind of Bechay and Lyn. And mine. At least he's gotten over it. :)

Trying to figure out HOW to start the album I soooo OWE Bishop of our trip to France in March! aaargh!!!! I have GOT to assign at least a whole day on this one; and I'm talking about how to start it! Sigh!

I'm blabbering. Time to sign off.

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