Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ranger!!!

My baby is 4 today! I greeted him with a "Happy birthday, baby!" He answers with "I'm 4 years old, Mama. I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a big boy!" Hehehe. Fine. But he'll be my baby forever right? :)

Off to school I went, at 10 am. With me I had 30 packs of spaghetti and pizza pandesal, his Lightning McQueen cake and cookies, juice and his giveaways. Food distribution went pretty well, considering we had 20 kids to feed. They were actually well-behaved and just waited for their packs to be placed in front of them.

Then we had Ranger blow his candles. The kids oohed and aahed at the Lightning McQueen shaped cake. It was a beauty! Care of Shoppersville, of course, where I order all my kids' cakes :) They're the best for kiddie parties! And I ordered the matching cookies with Lightning's face on them. They're always a hit with the kids!

After I left the party, I went straight to the office to do more one-on-one interviews.

Then Mom called to tell me that Dad had either fainted or had had a seizure as they were leaving the hospital for some blood tests. Sigh! After only a week out, Dad's in the ICU yet again. :(

As of this writing, no definite word yet as to what caused Dad to go limp. After a few hours in the hospital, I left Mom with Bang because we were meeting at Sweet Inspirations for dinner to celebrate Ranger's birthday.

During dinner, Lolo Doc and Lola Nene gave Ranger his gift.....which most likely made his night...er, his whole life up to this point:

Ranger was given his VERY OWN Nintendo DS!!!

Whoohooohooo! He was a happy boy today! :)

We couldn't tarry at the restaurant since the birthday boy's older siblings still had to review for exams tomorrow. Sigh!

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