Friday, October 17, 2008

Huuuuuge Sale!

No not in the digiscrapping world, but in the Galleria and Mega Mall area. Figures. It's salary time and it hit close to a weekend. So these smart mall owners figure they'll have a huge sale. From 50-70% off! Told you it was huge!

I was late leaving the house, so I went straight to the department store, leaving Dino to bring up my laptop to the office. It was 1030-ish, which wasn't too bad, really, considering it was a Friday, a weekday. In other words, the best time to go to the department store is when most everyone else is at work! Hahahaha.

Anyway, I finally picked up Bang's birthday gift. A birthday gift for Tita Nonie. Some small toys for Christmas. And Christmas gifts for male office workers! Yeehah!!!! I am done done DONE, and I can check off these names from my Christmas list! Whoohooohooo!!!


I sewed the night away quite literally last night, going to bed at around 3 am. I was putting the finishing touches on Raine's Jesse the cowgirl from Toy Story costume. It's Literacy Day in school today and I finished the blouse just in time to get a few hours' sleep. The chaps I had done in the office last night, and Coset sewed in onto the jeans while I slaved away at the darned top! Sigh! My laziness made me use running stitch for EVERTYTHING!!! Hahahahhaa! Here's hoping Raine doesn't come crying home from sheer embarrassment if something of her costume POPS!

The whole ensemble did look quite snazzy, I might add, especially in the pictures. And because I can't resist bragging about my handiwork, here are a few:

That WHOLE yellow top over the white shirt is handmade. The red ribbon was from an old Rustan's ribbon lying in the drawer. It was too wide, so I cut it in half, not thinking about the fraying. Grrr! that took me forever to tuck under the running stitches! And take note of the wrist band thingys. Totally made out of PAPER and red marker! Hahahahaha! talk about ingenuity, eh? But my fave part has got to be the chaps (that IS the correct term, isn't it???). They look great in the photos, and sure are a faaaaar cry from what *I* wore as Jesse last year --- black jeans and cut out white spots, blech!

So, watcha think? :) This is one happy Mama at the outcome of the whole outfit!!! :)

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