Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Minute Halloween Shopping

No, not for costumes, the kids have those. They're wearing what they wore during Literacy Night, of course. Last minute shopping for loot bag stuff for the kids. We had sent Nora out to buy el cheapo snacks, pencils and toothbrushes to give away to the trick or treating kids on Halloween. But Elizza and I needed to put together loot bags for our kids, as well as plan our Halloween menu!

So off we went to the SM Marikina supermarket, bright and early. At least we practically had the place all to ourselves! We tossed in oreos, some chocolates, snacks, crackers, candies, and jelly worms, among others. We decided to go with plastic bags again this year for their loot bag, since we couldn't find a plastic container big enough to contain their junk food.

Then it was off to the office....Elizza did actual work, but I finished editing and printing Japa's The Amazing Race:Halloween edition for the kids! Talk about last minute, sheesh!

Oh, I scrapped Rogan's Literacy Night costume:


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