Saturday, October 11, 2008

Portfolio Night 2 of 3

It was Rogan's turn for Portfolio Night today. We were in school verrrry early as we went with Rogan for his call time of 4 pm. The kids spent some time browsing the books at the Scholastic Book Fair, and yes, we were seated at the very FRONT this time around, YEAH!

Rogan first appeared as Ninoy Aquino's bodyguard, of all things. He and Umbay both were, and they SO looked the part too! Hehehehe. Rogan was in a suit, with shades on. Very cool. Umbay had a polo barong on, looking quite dashing. And with their immense size, they made for very good bodyguards!

The next time Rogan came onstage, he had shed his jacket and had a white tee shirt (Japa's) on. He had a rolled piece of cartolina under his arm and wore a hard hat on his head. Yes, a construction worker. Well, I guess he had a little bit higher position than a construction worker since his lines were in English; there were 2 others who had the hard hats and jeans on and spoke Tagalog. So apparently, Rogan was an engineer, not a worker, hahahahaha!

So far Rogan had a part in the past (bodyguard), the present (engineer)....I was looking forward to what he was going to be in the future. Past Present and Future was the theme of their class). son came in in full suit regalia, complete with a (short) necktie, hehehe. He was the PRESIDENT of the country! Whoa! Hehehehe. He made some speech which I didn't quite get, I was amazed that he got this part! :)

This is his group's interpretation of Marikina City Hall, in clay:

A little bit about his research work on Cory Aquino:

And his painting....ummmm....someone tell me what exactly is THAT on his canvas??? Hehehehe. I had to ask him several times to explain it to me!

Rogan's smart award for this year? He was People Smart! Well! That's a far cry from the usual Bodily-Kinesthetic award he usually gets. I guess Teacher Erika saw in Rogan the softie he really is? And honestly, I think ALL of the girls in his class like him, calling him Rogy if you recall, hahahahaha! And most of the boys are friends with him. I guess he really can relate to all sorts of personalities! Now.....if we could only take that People Smart-ness in him and transfer it towards Raine........that would definitely make our household sooo much more peaceful!!! :)

I got a layout done today. Thank goodness for templates!!! :)


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