Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shrine Bound

Today marks my having to put in some office time at the Shrine. Too much administrative stuff to do there, and poor Boydee is getting bald, hehehe. I know, I know, I *really* have to do it, but face it, it's just soooooooo far!

Actually, it wasn't TOO bad today. I did have my trusty laptop with me in the car, and it definitely helps while away the time while in traffic. I do my blog updating (offline of course!), checking on some documents, and yes, some scrapping as well....depending on traffic. And if I don't get too dizzy to throw up!

I interviewed an aircon mechanic and started on the Rate Sheets that Boydee wanted to see. The rate sheets didn't go quite as well as I wanted; my mojo was pretty much emptied after the Treat Bag Toppers, hahahaha!. Also, we didn't have an wi-fi in the office (some archaic system used for connecting, I think) and so I couldn't access information on stuff I thought I wanted on the Rate Sheets.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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