Thursday, October 09, 2008

Portfolio Night 1 of 3

I spent the morning and early afternoon at the office, finishing my talks with the staff. Everyone done except for the 4 "oldies", the veterans, i.e., Mom's angels. I had to stop since I had Raine's Portfolio Night to go to.

I *was* planning to drop by the hospital to say hi to Dad, but these staff talks were so time-consuming, I lost track of time! Sheesh! So I had to RUSH to get out of the office, and I was willing that there wouldn't be any traffic on the way to school! Ugh! I honestly HATE rushing at anything, especially when talking about time!

Anyway, I made it to school with a little bit of time to spare. Because we didn't arrive all that early, we had to sit towards the last few rows. Oh well. At least Japa's camera had the necessary zoom I needed, and Raine was easily one of the biggest in her class, so I could see her. Hehehe. Thank goodness for small (er, BIG!) favors! Hahahaha!

As always, Raine received her certificate for her Logico-Mathematical Intelligence. I think she's always received this award the past few years. She really is a smart cookie when it comes to Math, just as long as she concentrates and doesn't rush at answering.

Raine delivered her lines wonderfully, flubbing just a tad with the word "tragedy". Seems to be a tongue twister for her, hehehe. I need to talk to her about her posture though....since she's the tallest in class, the microphone is set at a way lower height in that she has to stoop a bit to talk into it. She needs to practice pulling it higher whenever it's her turn to talk, just so she won't look all stooped in her pictures! Yes, that's important! hehehe.

We then looked at her projects that were displayed at the back of the classroom. These projects formed part of her "portfolio", hence the event for tonight. I don't have the time (or the patience!) to upload all her work, but those will be featured in a few scrap pages of course, *wink wink*!

I did LOVE her painting of the Philippine hero, Edilberto Evangelista, some construction engineer or something. And here's a photo of that project.

Looks great, doesn't it?

After Portfolio Night, and after the kids had wolfed down some pot luck food, we all trooped to one of our fave places to eat: Shakey's Pizza Parlor, for dinner. Between Japa and myself, Raegan, Rogan and Raine, and Reese and Rielle (who are ALWAYS present for the kids' Portfolio Nights), we pretty much inhaled 1 party-sized pizza, a medium pizza, 2 platters of carbonara, a basket of mojos, root beer floats and a chocolate shake, and 3-pieces fried chicken. The kids and Japa were bummed though, that the ice cream dispenser wasn't working; they were looking forward to having a mountain of ice cream for dessert!

We went home VERRRRRY satisfied! Hehehehe.

And no, I couldn't go to sleep as of yet, since I worked on Raegan's layouts for her poster:


And this is the LAST of it! Tomorrow we'll work on putting the pages together, as well as her partner's report, to make her poster!


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