Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shopping for Birthday Party Stuff

I waited for the girls to come home after swimming and kumon and we went to Toys R Us to get birthday stuff for Ranger's birthday. I wasn't too keen on planning a big bash, just spaghetti, pizza and cake for Ranger's class in school. Nice and small. And cheap! :)

At Toys R Us, we picked up a plastic tablecloth with the cast of the movie Cars on it. This was going to be for his birthday cake table. Then it was time to think of what to have as his giveaway. I had mulled this over for a couple of days now, when I was at Toys R Us. It was either make my life easier and just get these humongo coloring books and a pack of crayons OR go the cheaper way and make them by myself. Practicality won and I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make a coloring book for the kids, hehehe. Again, it was just cheaper! :)

So we took ALL of the Cars plastic pencil cases at Toys R Us. I was missing one, actually, but I figured Ranger didn't need a pencil case, that he wouldn't miss having one :) Then off we went to National Bookstore to buy some crayons. All we needed was the coloring book itself, which I plan to do either tomorrow or Monday. I had ordered Ranger's cake and some cookies in the shape of Lightning McQueen, so we were pretty much set.

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