Sunday, October 05, 2008

Talulot Festival '08

We were up bright and early today to go to mass at the Shrine. A TWO-hour mass, hehehe. Good thing it wasn't all that hot, although they turned up the ac a little bit late, in my opinion.

During offertory, we were suddenly approached by one of the staff who asked if the kids could be some of the offerors. I nudged Raegan and Rogan, and turned to Lai so that the other 2 kids would be Reese and Rielle. However, Ranger had followed his big sister to the aisle, so Rielle was the only one who lined up. It was Ranger's FIRST time to do the offering (can you say scrapbook page for this one?!?! hehehe). Japa took a photo, but sadly, it didn't show Ranger at all; he had the cellophane-wrapped bag of hosts up in FRONT of his face!!! Sigh! Oh well. At least by scrapping it, it will definitely not be forgetten, yes? :) Rogan and Rielle, partners forever, carried baskets of rose petals. Ranger had the host, and I'm not sure what Raegan had....maybe the Votive candle holders?

After mass, while a good portion of the congregation lined up to pay homage to the Relics of St. Therese, everyone else headed to the vacant lot nearby where the Talulot (meaning Petal) Festival '08 was going to be held. Everyone said that this year's participants were waaaaay better and way more energetic than last year's; it would have been so much fun to see......if it weren't for the fact that I had holed myself up at the office with the big kids (I sent Ranger home with Lai because I had no yaya to run after him!) to review them for their exams.

Last quarter, I had told them that they should be able to review themselves since *we* never had anyone review us when we were in school. They got great grades, so I'm not complaining, but I wanted to make sure that they really studied...especially Rogan! So....while the kids read their books and notes and modules, I was busy at the computer typing out several reviewer exams for them to answer!

Good thing I *was* a teacher...I somehow knew what to type out, and in what format. I was tricky, too: not only did I not copy their quizzes word for word, I switched some terms around! Hehehehe. Devious, yes, but if they answered it correctly, then I knew they had studied.

After a few hours, we packed away for lunch. Luckily, Japa was done judging the Festival by then, so we sat and had our meal together. Then it was home. To veg out for the rest of the day AND to do more reviewer exams. The scrapping I did was limited to helping Raegan do a poster for her Social Studies class.

A catch up scrap:

And the weekend's gone!

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