Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Bees

The kiddos were busy bees today....Saturdays are full days for them, hehehe.

630 am - Swimming training for Raegan, Rogan and Raine. They HAVE to go to swimming since it's only a few weeks away for their first international races. Oh, and they have that AAPS races tomorrow as well.

8 am - They present themselves usually at Ayala, at their grandparents' house. For breakfast. Hehehehe. No wonder our grocery can last up to 6 weeks!

9 am - or thereabouts....they go straight to Kumon for their bi-weekly Math exercises.

1130 am - Raegan was off to a birthday party at Valle Verde Country Club.. Poor dear...swimming in the early morning, taking a shower afterwards, then swimming again. Yes, her hair is definitely paying the price!

1 pm - Rogan was off to Basketball camp with Riley and Rondic. Mom called me to tell me that Dad had no one with him at home, so off I went to pick him up and force him to go to basketball camp to see the boys train. We didn't catch their drills, but we arrived in time to see them play a game with their classmates. Riley was doing pretty well with handling the ball and was clearly enjoying himself:

Rogan was quite an enthusiastic player, going after the ball, with NO thought as to him getting hurt. In a period of maybe 10 minutes, I swear he fell down at least 3 times! hehehe. But he really had SOOO much fun, I'm sure Japa will be happy to hear about it! :)

You think we're done? Not a chance!

3 pm - Raine took off for Tae Kwon Do and was there until 530 pm.

530 pm - We took Raegan and Rogan to mass. Had to be today since we're not sure if we'd have time tomorrow, what with the competition and all.

7 pm - Dinner time. By consensus of sorts ---I guess we were all tired!--- we ordered pizza and stayed home.

Told you we (well, the kids!) were busy bees today!

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