Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dic!

Rondic is 34 today! Ugh, makes *ME* feel old all of a sudden, hehehehe. Here's to a great year ahead of you, Dicky! :)

Ever the sensitive-one in the family, Dic and Lai figured that Dad wouldn't be very ambulatory enough (oooh, a medical term, hehehe!) to go to a restaurant, so they decided to have Dic's birthday celebration in La Vista. Good thing, too, as Mom suddenly had another impromptu desire to hold a mass at home for First Friday. Sister Immaculata had told Mom to have a mass and incensing of the house afterwards.

Boydee, Bang and I were late for the mass though, as we were in the office, stuffing little plastic bvags with toothpaste, soap and a St Therese stampita. These little bags were going to be brought by an MVC contingent on Monday to Bilibid Prison, a maximum sercurity prison in Muntinlupa. For 1,200 prisoners. So yes, there were 1,200 bags to be stuffed! I think the staff were surprised that we were pitching in to do the stuffing; I think they never expected us to do such menial work??

But honestly, we do this thing all the time....but admittedly, this is the first time for prisoners. We've done such packing for Christmas and Halloween parties for several years. No, not over 1,000 bags, but we've come pretty close to that number for a few years. Oh, and this assembly line packing brought back memories of the Recall, when Boydee ran for office. Triple ugh there. *THAT* one we definitely hit waaaay more than 1,000! Hehehehe.

Anyway, we finally got home, attended mass, and ate and ate and ate! Dic made THE best sandwich!!! Yummmm!!! In fact, I had 3 of them AND I brought some home for Japa (who was at a meeting). We also had the ever-favorite KFC chicken, hehehehe. The leftover chicken we refused to send outside for the maids; we love KFC too much that we were going to have that for tomorrow for lunch!!! The maids could have the rest of the leftovers (except the sandwiches, which I wanted!), but NOT the chicken, never especially, if it's KFC! :)

The 7th month of The Sisterhood Challenge continues, slowly but surely....


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