Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Got Crocs!

Yes, CROCS are thE ultimate shoe, I tell you! All of us in the family have our own crocs, and we just LOVE them! And since it's been a little bit more than a year since I got the kiddos new crocs, I figure now's a good time as any. Oh, and the little OUTLET button at the Crocs website helped! Hehehehe.

I got these for Japa and me (although I'm not sure if Japa would like them...he's not the type to wear these mammoths):
I tried on Dad's and they were super duper soft! Nice and warm, too, but not too much that my feet would sweat here in Manila. Of course, the furry stuff *would* absorb the sweat! Hahahahaha!

I got this one for moi, too, called Motion:
Raegan got the orange crocs she's wanted forever:
And boots! Oh my goodness! I have NO idea WHYYYY my girls wanted boots, but they do, and the price wasn't too bad, so Raegan got the black Georgies:
while Raine got the hot pink ones (can you SEE me roll my eyes at this choice of color?!?!?)
And since I got the girls a few pairs, it wouldn't do me any good NOT to order some for the boys, right? I got these for Ranger:
He's wanted those Lightning McQueen ones for the longest time. Unfortunately, no size for him, so I ordered up...hoping that they'd still be in style when they fit him! hehehehe.

For Kuya, I got him these Off-Road camo ones:
He'd be ecstatic when he sees these, for sure. I swear this boy can go through pairs of Crocs just like that (snap your fingers for effect here). I don't know HOW he wears them, but he's TORN them practically in half!!!! Ack! Boys! Need I say anymore???

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