Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starting to Scrap Again

Not counting Monday's page, it's been a *WEEK* since I've scrapped!!! Yikes! Talk about losing your mojo, man! Sheesh!

After a number-filled day at the office, think withholding taxes kind of numbers, yuck yuck and triple yuck!!!, I headed home to eat a great dinner of chicken ala king, watched over the kids doing their english, vocabulary and Filipino "kumon", and scrapped.

Just a page, nothing major, really, but I could just *feeeeeeel* the creative juices flowing! Yeah!

That kit of Rina Kroes sure is gorgeous, isn't it? I used the Shabby Splendors Stacked Papers and I loooooove how they make it soooooo easy to do a layout!!! Check it out:

Tell me if that isn't that just beautiful?!?! Rina makes the most beautiful papers and elements! She really puts in sooo much effort in making her kits and it shows. Gorgeous textures and embellishments, honestly! Yes, I'm proud to be on her CT! :) And whenever I lose my mojo, it's usually one of Rina's kits that bring me out of the funk to scrap....beautifully! :)

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOODS!!!!


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