Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Poor DVD Burner :(

Last Friday, I think it really upped and died. Sort of. I had been backing up and suddenly, this tok-tok-tok sound and a whirring sound started. Uhmmm......NOT good at all!! Aaargh! So I whip out the ehd and backed up via Time Machine (the-E-E best thing for backing up!) while hurriedly texting iStudio. When the darn sound wouldn't stop ---a dvd was still inside!!!--- I quickly shut down and waited for a response from a computer tech person.

Solution to get the disc out? Hold the eject button while it's booting up. Whew! Major crisis (at least in my mind) averted. For now.

After work, I go to iStudio and tell them to take a look inside MacMac. Yes, my laptop has a name, hehehehe. And MacMac was actually SHY, i.e., he would NOT act up in front of the techie guy!!! Grrrr! Typical kid eh? Anyway, I tell the guy to keep trying with several discs, and he's bound to find the problem. Sure enough, the optical drive wouldn't read the disc. Redemption. Sort of.

So first thing this morning, I bring MacMac over to freakin' Makati just to get him a check up. And the usual attitude from the little guy: he was shy and would not show the techie guy over at Apple his symptoms (more like his disease!!!) Aaargh! So the guy taught me how to take quick screen shots if something of the sort happened. He reset the hardware parameters of little MacMac and he *seemed* ok. I actually burned a disc right after his quick fix.

So off I went to work....and while doing a few sample Rate Sheets for the Columbarium, I was burning in the background. Crossing my fingers that the resetting fixed the problem, I burned 2-3 discs before the tok-tok-tok and whirring sounds reappeared. Grrrrr! Pissed, I stopped backing up to let the drive rest. I mean, what's a girl to do?!?!

I scrapped, LOL!



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stella said...

love the photo!! and the cross legs hahaha! cool LO. how did you make the hand?