Friday, August 29, 2008

Precious Computer Space

O.M.G. Can I just say it? I am running on less than 2 gigabytes of space on my laptop right now. Yes, you may kill me now, hehehehe. I am living in the extreme danger zone, I know. And I just about FREAKED earlier this evening, just as I was about to leave the office.

I had finally gotten a new external hard drive and I happily clicked on Time Machine. Ok. Everything going great. Check. I also had Excel and Photoshop running at the same time. Check. No biggie. My laptop has 4 gigs of RAM, so no prob. I had a kazillion folders open for some inane reason. And NO, I was NOT downloading anything.

I was working on a layout, had finished it and clicked on save. And all I saw was that little round rainbow ball spinning. Cool, saving. And spinning. And spinning. And spinning. Drat! Right click on the PS icon and sure enough, at the top, the dreaded words "application not responding". Aaaaaargh!!!!!!

Holy crap, I tell you!!! My precious layout, kaput! No choice, I had to force quit the darned program if I wanted to go home! It was taking forever to back up, too (initial back up for that particular ehd), so I quit that too. Then all my other programs wouldn't quit properly, none of my windows would close normally.....and I swear I was about to pull all my hair out!!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Ok. Breathe. Breathe. A million times breathe. Which I did on the way home. Willing mac-mac to be ok when I got home. Thankfully, he came back to life and I started everything from scratch: backing up with Time Capsule (which took forever, by the way) and scrapping that lost layout.

Something good that came out from that was that I scrapped with a vengeance, coming up with these:

See? I knew scrapbooking was relaxing! :)


KatLen said...

what a story! thanks for sharing.
great LOs

afridigidiva said...

WEll the layouts that made it through the disaster are stunning! I totally feel you on the EHDs. I've got three still in boxes for emergencies.

MadameMim said...

Poor you! What can I say? BTDT!
Maybe you should look in your system for temporary files to delete? I clean out maybe 2 gigs of crap stored on my C disc every week!

Bev said...

Cute layouts! I know how fast you can use up memory on a computer!

Elaine said...

I have a problem all the time getting down to even as low as 658 MB, not good. I forget to move things to my external drive. At the rate I'm going I'm going to need a second external drive. My DH is great about saving my layouts to DVD's since I have a habit of wanting to save them in psd files.
Your layouts are all fantastic, TFS

Gina said...

It must be that time of the month again - we're all going through problems with our computers! I feel for you.