Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cary Fitting and Performance Photos

We went to have our fitting for our Cary Santiago gowns. And they were just GORGEOUS!!! No, I won't upload a photo here because I look positively FAT in the photo Zhar took! Hehehehe. Rodney did say I looked pretty good (whoohoohooo!!!), considering Cary used up 18 meters of fabric on my gown alone! Bwahahahahaha! He is known for his laser cuts and shags (?) and he did not disappoint! Everything was just drop dead gorgeous! His gown made me look pretty good, if I do say so myself......with the exception of the damn arms, of course! Aaaargh! With all our discussion on WHAT to do with my arms, I don't even know what he's going to end up doing! Oh well. We'll just see in about 3 days when he makes some adjustments to our gowns and sends them here from Cebu. Can't wait!

Before more pics of the reception, I have some great news!!! I'm going to be August-guesting for Rachel Young again! Yeah!!! Thanks for the opportunity, Rachel!!! Now, I'm crossing my fingers that I *can* scrap SOON, what with everything happening at the same time. Again. :)

Ok, on to the photos...

Here's our stage:

No, that's no stereo cabinet behind those pillars. We had a control booth on the upper level, on the left, complete with light controls. :) Pros, eh? Hehehe. Our theme for the night was Hollywood...kinda looks like the Chinese Mann Theater, don't you think? Sort of.

Program Proper:

This is a medley from GREASE

cool shot of Rodney

the kiddos going all out

yes, that's a very pregnant Mavie in the center there, hamming it up for the sake of the dance!
the guys in Greased Lightning, totally lip-synching it, too! LOL!

everyone during the final cut of the medley
Next up was the theme from James Bond. Yes, that's Tito Rey there, a last-minute fill in for Randy, who arrived the morning of the wedding. He did a fab job, as did the other Bond boys, Carlo and RJ.
and Mom's angels plus Avic and Monique dancing sexily
This was the best Shake Your Groove Thang pic I had. This is Mavie and RJ.
Then it was Stayin' Alive.
Boydee was THE performer, as he totally hammed it up for everyone.

The angels were great in Dancing Queen, showing off their still-sexy bods

The PACEM priests brought the house down with their YMCA (Mom and Dad NEVER expected the fathers and brothers to be up onstage dancing!)

Whew! That's a LOT of photos! The performance isn't done yet though! Come back tomorrow, hehehe!

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