Friday, August 22, 2008

Not Going to Work

Like I really was? Hehehe. It *is* Friday....and my brain's still in Palawan, I guess.

But there wasn't anytime to go to work today. In the morning, I watched Ranger perform for his Linggo ng Wika program. Nothing major, but at least he danced with his partner, hehehe. He looked so cute in his orange bandana too! Dark little monkey, from all the sun in Palawan, but he was easily the cutest on stage. Hahahahaha-yes, I am biased. So there!

After the program, I went with mom and Lola (with Tita Nonie and Tita Lucy) to have lunch at Choi's where we met up with Mrs Yao and her lovely daughters. Ninang Tina and I were the youngest in the bunch. I told mom I did NOT want to go and be the only young un there; everyone was going to be O.L.D!!! But oh well. Daughter-duty beckons.

Glad thing I went, too. These Chinese gals sure know how to order from a Chinese restaurant! I swear, most Chinese restaurants have their own special menu for other Chinese folk! We never got to order the wonderful things on the table! I don't remember all their names, but I know I loved the seafood salad in a mango half (artfully prepared, too!), the lobster with noodles, the sweet empanada, and for dessert, this wonderful lychee milk with eggwhites thingamajig! Yum yum yum! :)

Turns out I was the replacement of Tita San, sort of. Ninang Tina told me I took the the place of Tita San. And I could tell she missed Tita San. I responded by telling her that Tita San may not be with us physically, but I'm sure she was in the room somewhere, smiling at all of us, happy that WE were happy we were enjoying the food and each other's company.

And the best part? We ended lunch (THREE HOURS later!!!) with the promise of planning a trip to either Hong Kong, Taiwan or Beijing (or anywhere, really) so that we would just eat eat and EAT! Hehehe. Hey, just as long as they did all the ordering, then we're going to be ensured of a feast, right?

Then it was homeward bound....until Mom said that we should pass by the Landmark Department Store in Trinoma. Man oh man oh man. I should NOT have gone with them! Hehehe. But the kids, Rogan especially, needed pants in a major sort of way. It has been a couple of years I think since I really shopped for them. So.....with a brave face, I stepped into Landmark.

All I can say is, thank goodness most everything was on SALE!!! I walked out of there with 12 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, and several shirts. Plus lotion, cologne, Eskinol, and other toiletries. The best part? I spend a minimum of P3,000 on one receipt and I get to pay my total in 6-month installment! Whoohoohooo!!! How COOL is that? Hehehehe. Psych!!!

I got home, spent but happy with my purchases. I do have to exchange a few pairs of pants for a smaller size, but it was a good day! I read some more (almost done with the whole Twilight Series saga!) and scrapped a solitary page:

2001 Vacation Album Cover Page

Is that a cool awesome template or what?!?! It comes with the castle of course (you think I'd be able to do that myself???) and is by Tracy Blankenship over at Funky Playground Designs. She does awesomely unique -and embellished- templates!


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