Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding of Rod and Zhar

It's very very late and this post will most likely consist of snippets of whatever I remember, hehehe. And maybe a pic or 2 before exhaustion overrides me.....

We started the day bright and early. Sort of. I took my time taking a shower, telling the girls that we would leave for La Vista at 9 am sharp. And we did. The girls lined up (figuratively speaking) for the hairdresser and eventually the make up artist, Rene Samson, who incidentally, did my hair and make up for both my debut AND my wedding. All those years ago. :) I waited a bit for Jesi Mendez who was going to do hair and make up for Mom, Lola and me. These guys were the same ones who made us look presentable during the wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.

Make up, a light lunch so as not to ruin my make up, touch up, and then hair. Then it was time to get into our gowns (flown in just this week from Cebu!) and bedeck ourselves with jewelry. Rush out of the house at 1230 pm to make it to the church with plenty of time to take informal pics and line up.

And the wedding started. It was a beautiful event, marred only by the ineptness of the *supposed* wedding coordinator, JP Montilla. Yes, that's his name for all to see as a reminder NOT to even consider him (however remotely!!!) for his (lack of) services. The subject of his ineptness will be for another post. You're going to WANT to see that for sure! :)

Anyway, Zhar was a beautiful bride, moving her sisters to tears when she started almost-bawling when she saw the face of her dad giving her away. I cried when I saw Tito Waldy trying with all his might to stop the tears, and to control his facial features. To no avail. It was very moving, he couldn't control himself. Tita Zen was, as expected, crying copious tears as she went to her seat.

Dad was the first to cry, probably realizing that this was his LAST child to get married. Mom was doing a Tito Waldy, vainly attempting to keep her tears in check. She was a tad bit successful than Tito Waldy, ever-conscious of how tears would ruin her make up, hehehe.

And Rod? Well, he was stoic as usual. I'm sure he was greatly moved when he saw Zhar floating to where he was standing. But, as I later found out, he was boilingly pissed at JP for ruining Zhar's entrance. Randy patted his back and said to forget about the stupidity of the rotund wedding coordinator and just to concentrate on the bride.

The wedding went well, except for a few things:
1. Zhar forgot her vows in her purse which was nowhere to be found (it was with one of the maids who left the church!)
2. The Ring Bearer (Ranger) was already asleep when the priest asked for the rings and the arrhae to be brought to the couple.
3. Most of the guys' suit buttons popped OFF.
4. And the best one of them all: my freakin' dress BURST apart!!! Aaaack!!! hahahahaha!
All I heard was Raegan or Raine saying "Mama, your zipper!" And without even thinking, I plunked down my behind on the pew and felt behind me. Sure enough, I could feel AIR going into my gown. There was a BREEZE behind me!!! Hehehehe.

In my mind, I was thinking, "now how in the HECK am I going to go to the reception" and "oh thank God the lighting of the candles is DONE!" and "I'm going to kill Cary! (the couturier). Hehehe. My shawl was immediately draped behind me to cover this new fashion faux pas. Bang and Elizza were scrambling, trying to figure out what to do.

Thank goodness Cary himself came to the pew to assess the damage. He needed pins to get me through the rest of the ceremony, and Bang and Lai ripped the pins from their bouquets. The junior bridesmaids (Reese, Rielle, Raegan and Raine) obligingly did the same with the pins from their bouquets and handed them to Cary.

Now realize that I am a LARGE woman, and really, 3 pins from oh.....7 bouquets just wasn't going to cut it and hold my gown closed for the next hour or so. Raegan told me that she looked behind her, where the Maid and Matron of Honor (Zharro and Zharine) and the bridesmaids were, ALL of them had their hands out with the pins at the ready. LOL! Can you imagine the situation?!?

So if you are one of those girls reading this, I say THANK YOU for saving my behind from further embarrassment! Your pins saved me. That is true SISTERHOOD, yes? :)

And not to worry, when we got to the hotel for the reception, Marivic and I rushed to the ladies room where she sewed the gown shut with me in it. And I survived the whoooooole night, dancing, too!!! Now, the tricky part was getting OUT of the dang thing. On the way home, I was starting to itch, with the girdle underneath the gown. As in ITCH. I tried taking the girdle out withOUT loosening the gown, but I could only take out half the hooks. Out of sheer desperation,
I asked the yaya to unzip what she could of my gown. It gave me maybe 10 inches max before the stitches. I wriggled and writhed all I could until I could ask Kocet to PULL out my girdle. Ahhhhhh!

When we got home, I hurriedly turned the gown around and took a pair of scissors and ripped through the zipper before I could claim FREEDOM. Double ahhhhhh!

Some photos of the wedding:

Here are pre-wedding pics, at home in La Vista:

Pics during the wedding ceremony:

Ok, gotta go. Need to pack for our Palawan trip. I'm bringing my laptop, but who knows if there's internet access there, and how fast it'll be. Sigh. At least, I'll be sure to have TONS of pics for scrapping, yeah!!!

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