Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home, Bed Sweet Bed

You guessed it. Saturday is my total-veg day. I did nothing but loll in bed, alternating between scrapping and reading. Majorly! Oh and throw in tons of downloading too, hehehe. Good thing the kids out the whole day too, otherwise I'd never hear the end of it!

The kids started their Saturday swimming training today. Bright and early, at 630 am, they left for the pool. Training for the Hong Kong meet, I guess. But it was good, since I've been wanting them to start Saturday training for the longest they'd get stronger and have some structure to their weekends. Or at least on Saturdays. After swimming, they went straight to Kumon. Rogan took his achievement test for the D level and made it, yay!!! Raegan's taking her achievement test for E level sometime next week, while Raine has started level C already! Pretty soon, they'll be too smart for me at Math! Yikes! You think I should unearth the calculus textbooks? Bwahahahaha! Uhm, NOT!

Ok, ready for my layouts? I did FIVE today! Whoohoohoo! Way to go on catching up with CT requirements, you know! :) I *so* needed today to really sit down and scrap, with practically no distractions at all!

Was I productive or what?!? I surprised even myself, hehehe. At least I did a pretty good job of catching up with my CT requirements :) I'm pretty sure I'm at least at the minimum required to stay on their CTs by now; just a few more just to make sure so they won't kick me out!!!

It's been quiet on the reading front, blog-wise. I got embroiled in the whole Twilight saga. And trust me, believe everyone when they say that it is HARD to PUT DOWN!!! Lai pressed me to start the series because Reese was already on Book 2 when Lai found out that the series MAY have some scenes too rated for an 11-year old. And so I set on my quest.....and discovered and enjoyed the world of Bella, Edward and Jacob.

But I'll reserve my analysis of the books for another post :)


stella dizon said...

Saw the pic of your sun sun sun lay out from lai's facebook and it already caught my attention. picture was so nice... then i checkout your blog and i see the same pic, this time looking fab!!!! great layout! the picture became so alive because of the colors you used and how you cropped the photo and everyhting else you did :) hehe!

Olivia said...

my, my, my... have we been busy or what? hehehe... great LOs Te! :) and just wonderful, wonderful pictures!!! :)

Elizza said...

O-some layouts, as always!