Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bills, Bills, Bills!

That time of the month. Bills everywhere! And it's not even the 15th yet when I get the credit card statements! Aaargh! I have school extra curricular bills, swimming training, Kumon, art supplies lists to buy....everything money out! Sigh! It is so hard to save nowadays, especially with prices for most everything increasing every so often.

Mom, if you're reading this, please please PLEASE go through the salary scale I submitted for your approval!!! Hehehe. Nothing like saying it out in public, eh? Sigh and double sigh here.

Some good news for the family though, escrow for our office finally pushed through! Whoohoohoo! So in a few months' time, it'll be time to start packing stuff and stowing them onto either storage space or onto moving vans. Then the long drive east (?) to Las Vegas. Not sure how fast or slow the drive will be, but a leisurely drive will let us sleep in Vegas or reno hotels before we get to Inspirada, our final destination.

Then a mad rush for decorating and furnishing....something that dear mother would enjoy, I'm sure, hehehe. This includes the shopping part, of course! She will be in her element at this time and she's probably already raring to go, planning who and what to bring at that time :) Hmmmm....think of the BILLS she'll rack up! Yikes!

Ok, enough. On lighter matters, I scrapped and continued work on The Sisterhood Challenge. Finally! I finished up the 5th month of Ranger:

Now that I've started on the Challenge again, I'll hopefully be able to keep on going and going and going.....keep your fingers crossed! Onward to the 6th month!!!


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