Sunday, August 03, 2008

Last of the Wedding Pics

Yes, heave a sigh of relief. This is probably the LAST day I'm going to be uploading pics of the Ruby Anniversary. It's time to actually SCRAP these photos and a TON more, not just upload them to the ole blog! I'm hoping those who weren't able to come to the celebration more or less can see what they missed, hahahahahaha! But truly, it was a wonderful FUN night; I had fun doing all the dances and all through the countless changes we did in between numbers with a minute or 2 at the most!


The finale: Boogie Wonderland

It was a fun day, a fun night. All the stress melted away when we were on the dance floor. All the practices, all the worries we had in the days, weeks, leading to the 27th were all erased as we simply danced and had FUN. That was the best part. :)

Now, to think of what to be uploading in the next few days, hehehe. I have GOT to scrap!!!

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