Friday, August 01, 2008

It's August!

Where *are* the days going?!? And how come they're moving so fast?! Yikes! I can't believe August is upon us; I guess too many things were all happening at the same time this past month, the month just flew by. And from the looks of things, it's not going to get any easier, too! There's still Rod and Zhar's wedding in mid-August, along with the fittings, the hours of shopping for gifts, shoes, what-nots, the soltera, the shower, the stag party, the wedding rehearsal.......and it's my birthday month, along with Boydee and Zhar too! So who said anything about us getting a breather after the Ruby Anniversary celebration?!?

Lai and I were in the office when we both suddenly remembered that it was fiesta time over at Fr. Benny's parish, in Magallanes. Ooookay.....and we weren't exactly dressed to go to a semi-formal event! So around 3ish, we hurried home to change. I dragged Ranger along as my date, since Japa was in Malaysia. Surprisingly, Ranger, came along; he usually just likes to stay at home playing Mario Kart :)

We all then converged upon St Alphonsus Parish Church to attend mass and a "salu-salo" afterwards. The food was ok, and I loved the bibingka with the freshly grated coconut. Ranger had a plateful of baked macaroni. We were eventually able to get seated at a table, after chowing down on some food at cocktail tables. And soon after we had a photo opp with Cardinal Rosales, we left. go to another restaurant since the dang boys were still hungry!!! Aaargh! And I'm trying to lose more weight BEFORE the wedding!!!! Sigh! Only this family, I tell you!

So we went to Yu Jinn, a favorite Japanese restaurant of Randy and Stella. I stuck to my guns and didn't eat a thing, except for a bit of tempura ice cream that Ranger didn't want, and a banana shake. I did pretty well actually. Ranger, on the other hand, lured by Dic with talk of tempura (pampura, he calls it), inhaled 4 of the steaming tempura. And promptly fell asleep.

If Japa could see me now, hehehe. Another night out for me when he isn't here :) Oh well. It just so happened that there was some thing to go to......*wink*

Ok, some more Ruby Anniversary pics, this time AT THE RECEPTION:

The ballroom
The centerpieces, arranged beautifully by Tony Rodriguez. Note the crystals in the vases and the red tealights on the mirrored table center to reflect shades of reds...

And the GORGEOUS (and yummy!) cake by Michelle Hechanova. Five tiers of fondant covered cream cheese pound cake with strawberry (or was it raspberry?) filling....Yes, gain the ten pounds now, even as you read it, hehehe. We were so scared the cake was going to fall, especially during the cake cutting ceremony, but it remained steadfast and did not budge!

Zooming in closer to see the ginormous strawberries that Michelle stuck in the sides of the cake. Don't they make the entire cake look even more luscious? Oh, and yes, they were dipped in white chocolate! :)

Speaking of chocolate, I was disappointed ---and pissed at the waiters!--- for giving away that tiny tier at the top...Michelle had made that a DARK CHOCOLATE one for Bang and me because we prefer the REAL chocolate (hehehe). Michelle had given strict orders that that tier was to be given to the presidential table....but the stupid waiters apparently did not understand English!!! Grrrr!!! Oh well. Good thing the entire cake was good and I did have my dessert; I also gorged on the chocolated dipped strawberries to satisfy my *need* for chocolate :)

And those gave me the energy and the sugar high I needed to dance onstage with the rest of the family! Hahahahaha! THOSE pictures will be uploaded tomorrow! :)



Elizza said...

super duper yummy cake!!!! i am still eating that every night! and it's not even the chocolate cake!

LOVELY centerpieces too!

Zharmagne said...

Yes, lovely, lovely cake. It tasted even better than how it looked.

Did u notice the invites were also superb taste? Hmmm... I wonder why. Bwahahaha!

Olivia said...

Michelle's giving you a birthday cake for free because we didn't get to eat the choco layer! So sweet of her!!! :) Uhmmm... Michelle, if you're reading this, my birthday's on October, and I was dying to eat your choco layer too!!! heheeh...